What are The Freeing Arts?

The Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities required for Freedom are ‘The Freeing Arts.’

Our Mission


To uphold our Duty as Representatives of the Creator here on Earth.


To ensure that Freedom still exists on this Earth and that it is, and
remains, accessible to Mankind.



What we do


What we do is our part. We become Free, by the Will of our Creator,

and we Free others, by the Will of our Creator.



How we do it


We have found the Qur’an to be the Final Revelation sent down from

our Creator, pure and unchanged if one avoids Religious interpretations and translations.





Work directly related to the Qur'an


This is the core and foundation of our work.


This type of work will always be free, and is all that is needed, in fact, the Qur'an is all that is needed, and if you have no access to a Qur'an then your Creator is All hearing, so call upon him.


All we are doing is pointing to the actual Qur'an, the whole Qur'an, and nothing but the Qur'an.

Work indirectly related to the Qur'an


We place a seed in the form of an idea, concept, etc., in the water that is the Qur’an, and allow that seed to grow in light of the Qur’an. What sprouts and grows could be a plant having any form, for example, it may be something as simple as a new font that uses principles related to the language of the Qur’an, or something as complex as a team of consultants that study the Creators creations and who then apply those findings to solving real-world problems which innovate within different areas and industries, similar to what is today called ‘Bio-mimicry‘ which is infact a Qur'anic approach.

The water and light, or the Qur’an and its guidance are never to be sold for profit, that which is directly related to this will always be free, at the same time, that which is indirectly grown by using It does not have to be free and will also be found here.